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We Grow. We Lead. We Inspire

About WE

SVO WE GROUP is the pioneer of the new e-Commerce model  —— founded in 2014 an entrepreneurial platform with well-rounded training. Our digital entrepreneurs can efficiently grow the business in various emerging markets in Asia, while the customers worldwide can enjoy high-quality personalized functional foods to help them glow from the inside out! 

SVO WE GROUP has 15 branches and has successfully trained thousands of digital entrepreneurs across Malaysia and overseas! We aim to build the best e-commerce ecosystem, consisting of wisdom, capability, and joy, providing digital entrepreneurs with high-quality repeatable healthcare products, logistics support, and distribution resources for starting a business.

We firmly believe that teamwork and innovation intelligence win championships. We strive to make every digital entrepreneur more focused and less worried while developing their e-commerce career! We continue to expand our team, recruit more young entrepreneurs, and nurture leaders of tomorrow, becoming a benchmark of cross-border e-Commerce platform in Asia! 



To be the trendsetter in diversified online entrepreneurship
To build the world’s leading e-commerce platform


Create new values in the digital commerce market

We integrate our ascending potential through connections with global industry elites.

Provide premium services to customers

We shape and cultivate professionalism through constant improvement.

Spread love and
hope in society

 We adopt a people-oriented culture that ingeniously creates pathways to greater life.

We Grow

We grow as a team and advocate win-win collaborations. All digital entrepreneurs can learn from each other and make up for their shortcomings in a positive environment.

We Lead

We take the initiative in the health market and strive to train more young and outstanding leaders. We aim to become a trendsetter in Asia’s online entrepreneurship.

We Inspire

We aspire to inspire and create an entrepreneurial ecosystem that constantly strives to improve the quality of a digital entrepreneur.

Digital Entrepreneurs Incubation Hub

SVO WE GROUP adopts a young and vibrant culture to create a relaxed, pleasant, diverse, and comfortable working environment for all young visionaries.

We create a perfect co-space that allows our entrepreneurs to collaborate with a group of like-minded peers to facilitate their business growth and success journey.